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Recycled Aluminium Foil Food Container Rectangular Aluminum Tray OEM

Recycled Aluminium Foil Food Container Rectangular Aluminum Tray OEM

OEM Rectangular Aluminum Tray

Aluminum Foil Takeaway Foil Containers

Recycled Rectangular Aluminum Foil Tray

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Product Details
Aluminum Foil Tray
Food Storage
H22,H24, O
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As Per Customer Sample
As Per Customer Sample
3003, 3004, 8011,8006
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Product Description

Recycled OEM Aluminium Foil Food Container Rectangular Aluminum Tray


Product series Wrinkle wall aluminum foil container
Feature 1.Disposable
3.No color fade at high temperature
4.Multi design&colors
5.Easy to use, no need extra baking mold
6.Microwave oven safe
7.Freezer safe


Application Cosmatic packaging hot hair removal wax, depilatory wax, hair dye,ect .Food Packaing hot soup, curry rice, noodles, salad package , instant hot pot ,pork ,steak,ect.Baking pizza , pie, cake, muffin , baklava, ect. Retortablesteamable and stewable for food . Freezablepudding, jelly , ice cream ,cheeze cake ,chocolate, ectRoastbarbecue , picnicking, roaste duck / chicken/ shrimp / fish/ clamFriedfish and fried , fried chicken, fried fish ,ect . Catering and serving Hotel , restaurant , airline, party

Environmental friendly: Use aluminum foil material which can be recycled to solve white pollution problems such as the difficult melted disposable plastic.

Convenient and health: Apply to various cooking methods and can be hold various types of food.No need change the container from the refrigerator to oven.No peculiar smell or leakage. Good thermal conductivity and heating effect , widely used in oven , steam box and microwave oven , also can be heated directly in the original packaging.

Cost-saving: Aluminum foil container with light weight,not only easy to take away,but also price reasonable.

Usage: Baking, airline catering, takeout distribution, picnic,cooked food, pastry,fast food,barbecue,cake,moon cake and other food industry packing and family party.

Recycled Aluminium Foil Food Container Rectangular Aluminum Tray OEM 0

Recycled Aluminium Foil Food Container Rectangular Aluminum Tray OEM 1

Recycled Aluminium Foil Food Container Rectangular Aluminum Tray OEM 2

Frequently Asked Questions:
1 Why is aluminum packaging eco friendly?
Aluminum is an abundant mineral that is 100 percent recyclable and a sustainable option for those looking for eco friendly packaging. Find out why aluminum packaging is one of the most sustainable choices below. Aluminum can be recycled an infinite number of times, making it a true circular material.
2 Why do commercial kitchens use aluminum pans?
Aluminum heats up quickly and cools down quickly as well. So it is good for chef's while preparing short orders at a brisk pace. It is the cheaper in this comparison as far the price goes. So making is a favorite choice for restaurant owners with a small budget.
3 Can I bake brownies in a disposable aluminum pan?
For ease, it's recommended that if you can find a disposable aluminum baking pan, definitely do so. It really does save you so much time with cleanup. I also recommend using a non-stick vegetable oil-based cooking spray, feel free to use whatever you have on hand. Feel free to do use butter or coconut oil instead.
4 Is it safe to reuse disposable aluminum pans?
Aluminum trays and pans can be washed and reused multiple times. You can also put them to use storing craft materials, shed or garage items, or catching drips from household plants.
Can you bake with disposable aluminum pans?

Aluminum containers: can you use them in the oven? Aluminium containers can be used for oven cooking. Aluminum, being a good conductor, homogeneously distributes heat, improving the cooking of food in the oven. There is no risk of cracking, melting, charring or burning.


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